G R E E N  A I R

Everything in life is impermanent
Every second, the world is in movement
Staring at dreamscapes, i exist in the moment

'ongoing project'

Photographs to bring the viewer in another world in a second, to be absorbed in nature and wander with no time.

After finishing my studies in Belgium, I started travelling the world.

Inspired by nature on my inner journey, photography became my medium to interact withthe world. I started to photograph the nature, to explore and connect in a different way. Every day I am grateful to be in places with endless nature andwhere the summer is never ending.

I want to share this project with the world, especially in a time where the fast pace of life and technology is challenging us to stay connected. My aim is to inspire and motivate people to breathe in and absorb the ‘Green air’, filled with Prana.

‘Breathingin, breathing out, I go back to the island within myself. There are beautifultrees within the island. Fresh air…’ Thich Nhath Hanh

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