Veronique Van Hoorick is Freelance photographer, born in Belgium in 1981. Her personal projects are most influenced by her travels throughout Asia and other parts of the world. She discovered a calmness and simplicity in the wilderness of every day life. She works in photography to visualize her journey, feelings, dreams and her relationship with the nature and the world.

She spends many weeks out of the the year travelling to some of the most remote corners in the world and capture moments, to be inspired and share with others.

More recently, Veronique’s work has evolved into photojournalism and documentary arts. Her work has been exhibited in several galleries and arts centres in Asia, San Francisco and Belgium.

Currently in Italy, Europe

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2004 Photography studies, analog, dark room process, studio, street/ architecture/ portrait, history, 3 years, Belgium 

2003 Bachelor of Human Science. Higher Institute for human science, Brussel


2018 Artist Residency 'la machina di san Cresci', Tuscany, italy

2016 The photography marketplace, Arts + business by Alice Zimet, ICP, New York 

2016 How not to design a book by Stuart Smith, ICP, New York 

2016 Film around project for F28 fotofestival, Chiang Mai, Thailand 

2016 Bookmaking workshop by Calin Cruise, Camera Obscura, Penang Island, Malaysia

2015 Photo Editing workshop by Zhuang Wubin, Chiang Mai, Thailand 

2014 Masterclass by Maggie Steber, Camera Obscura, Penang Island, Malaysia

2013 Masterclass by Justin Mott, Camera Obscura, Penang island, Malaysia

2012 Foundry photojournalism workshop by Walter Astrada, CMU, Chiang Mai, Thailand 

2012 - 2015 Photographer for Sidina Ngo, 'Apprendre par la photography', Mauritius island

2002 Photographer, ballet school, Belgium


2018 Archieve Collective Magazine - January -

2017 Lensmagazine - La difference - September print and digital #issue36 

2017 Reminders Photography Stronghold 'self published book Hearing Voices is now part of the library' - Tokyo

2017 Plateform Magazine - France

2016 TMRW magazine - reflections New York - United Kingdom

2016 Format portfolio spotlight - worldwide 

2016 Featureshoot - worldwide

2016 Month of photography F28- Chiang Mai

2015 TCDC Galleries night - Chiang Mai

2015 Cover - Cultural Magazine - Belgium

2014 La vie entre amis - Mauritius

2013 Vlamingen in de wereld magazine - Belgium

2012 Through the eyes of Foundry - Chiang Mai

2011 Belgian Cultural Magazine - Op weg naar het Pure 

2009 Citylife magazine - The soul of asia - Chiang Mai

2008 Belgian Cultural Magazine - The Soul of Asia 

2004 The world in movement - Belgium


2017 Solo exhibition, 'Green Air' Belcham atelier in the bay, San Francisco, USA

2017 Wall of women, Art Book fair, self published books ; Watercanals / Hearing Voices, Singapore

2016 Solo exhibition, 'Hearing Voices', UNG gallery, Month of photography f/28. Chiang Mai, Thailand

2016 Urban nature, BW on film exhibition Film around, UNG gallery for f28 fotofestival, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2016 Urban nature , BW on film 'single image', UNG gallery, Collaboration with Night of Galleries, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2015 Drawing a timeline, tree kings monument, Chiang Mai, collaboration with DAA, 'Through The eyes of Foundry' Chiang Mai, Thailand

2015 Solo exhibition, 'Water canals', UNG gallery, collaboration with Month of photography f/28, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2015 Water canals, Cultural Center for Art and performance. Belgium

2013 Beyond Simplicity, Obscura Festival In Penang, Malaysia

2012 Through the eyes of Foundry, Documentary Arts Asia Gallery, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2012 Able, Surviving the floods, Sangdee Gallery, Chiang Mai, Thailand 

2011 Solo exhibition, 'Op weg naar het Pure', Portrait from hill tribes and their environment, Cultural Art Center, Belgium

2009 Photography & Art installation, Nine Lives, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2008 Solo exhibition, The soul of Asia, Cultural Art center, Lokeren, Belgium 

Self published books

2017 'Hearing Voices'

2016 'Her name is Malika'

2014 'Watercanals'

2014 'Beyond Simplicity'

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